HSE Consultancy Projects

Dalma Gas Development Project for ADNOC

ADNOC has initiated development of new gas reserves, namely Dalma Gas Development (DGD) Project in Northwest offshore region of Abu Dhabi. DGD Project is an integral part of the overall efforts to develop these untapped hydrocarbon reserves, with priority given to produce 340 MMscfd of raw gas from Satah, Hair Dalma and Bu Haseer fields by 2024. The overall DGD project development shall comprise of offshore facilities (Package-A) and onshore facilities on Arzanah Island (Package-B) to export gas to Habshan and export condensate to Zirku Island.

As part of DGD project, Dome has been contracted by Tecnicas Reunidas (Main Contractor) to undertake all the HSEIA Dossier and other HSE studies and procedures of the EPC package of the DGD project.

Hail & Ghasha Development (HGD) Project and CO2 Recovery for ADNOC

The Hail & Ghasha (HGD) Project is being implemented by ADNOC in order to develop the untapped oil and gas reserves from the highly sour Hail and Ghasha fields targeting to start production by the end of 2027. Production of Hail & Ghasha Field is ~1000 MMSCFD of raw gas and 82.5 MBPD of Oil. The project will include new artificial island Drill Centre (DC) production facilities located at Ghasha field which will route well fluids via subsea pipelines to new Ghasha Offshore Processing (GOP) facility. Final processing of all reservoir fluids is at the new Onshore Processing Plant (OPP), located 10km east of Ruwais Industrial City on a coastal location. Production from Hail Field is routed directly to OPP via subsea pipeline.

Dome Oilfield Engineering & Services LLC (Dome) has been commissioned by ADNOC to undertake the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study for the Project in accordance with the requirements of ADNOC and Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi (EAD).

Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) Project in TAZIZ Derivative Park

ADNOC is considering the creation of a new Chemicals Derivatives park, with investments in Derivatives projects through TAZIZ Industrial Park, the recently established joint venture between ADNOC and ADQ.

As part of project implementation, ADNOC initiated the FEED project for the Isopropyl Alcohol Plant that will be designed to produce 130 KTA of Isopropyl Alcohol using existing feedstock (Propylene from ADNOC Refining). The estimated quantities of Propylene feedstock for the IPA Unit is 100 KTA used through direct hydration to produce Cosmetic Grade IPA for export. Dome has been contracted to produce the HSE studies for the IPA project as per ADNOC standards and requirements.

Environmental Impact Assessment for Waterfront Villas Development, Al Dhafra Region

Q Holding PSC (QH, the Proponent) is implementing the Waterfront Villas Development in Al Dhafra, Abu Dhabi (the Project) and has appointed Dar Al-Handasah Consultants (Shair & Partners) as the Design Consultant. This Project is an exclusive gated community situated in a combination of coastal areas and reclaimed islands at the coastline adjacent to the east of the town of Mirfa. The development will include waterfront villas, retail establishments, hotels, beach club and community facilities (mosques, green and open spaces, etc.). The proposed Project site comprises of approximately 516 hectares, located partly on land (201 hectares) and partly on water (315 hectares). The site is located within the buffer zone of the Marawah Marine Biosphere Reserve (MMBR), an international recognized biosphere reserve under UNESCO Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Programme.

Dome has been contracted to undertake the Environmental Impact Assessment Study for the project as per EAD guidelines.

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Study for the Silaa, Delma and Ghayathi Master Plans

The Department of Muncpalities and Transport (DMT) completed the update (detailed) of the Master Plans for the settlements of Sila’a, Delma, and Ghayathi in 2022, which are in the Al Dhafra Region of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The primary objective of the update is to create a series of plans that will guide the future development of the three (3) settlements in line with the recommendations of the relevant Regional Plans and DMT policies, plans and manuals.

Dome has been commissioned by DMT to undertake the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) for the Sila’a, Delma, and Ghayathi (SDG) Master Plans in accordance with the requirements of Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi (EAD).

3D Seismic Data Acquisition Project for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi

BGP, a worldwide leading geophysical solution provider is awarded by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) for the world’s largest 3D Transition Zone seismic survey for Onshore and Offshore Blocks (2018-2023) for the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Dome Scope includes HSEIA Study report preparation for the Seismic Survey scope for onshore and offshore blocks. Main scope includes Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for EAD and ADNOC, Environmental Baseline surveys covering the project area, Environmental Management Plan, Social Studies.

Phase 4 Exploratory Drilling & Well Testing for ADNOC Onshore Blocks 3 & 5 in Abu Dhabi Emirate

Occidental of Abu Dhabi Ltd. (Oxy) is intending to implement the exploration and testing campaign of 23 wells identified under the Phase 4 Exploratory Drilling & Well Testing in Blocks 3 & 5 (the Project). This is in line with Oxy concession agreement with ADNOC to conduct oil and gas exploration and appraisal activities in ADNOC Onshore Blocks 3 & 5 concession areas.

ADNOC Onshore Blocks 3 & 5 are located towards the southeast of the Al Dhafra Region of the Abu Dhabi Emirate, with a total area of about 6,000 km2 and 4,000 km2, respectively.

Dome has been contracted by OXY to undertake the environmental studies for the project as per ADNOC and EAD guidelines.

ADNOC Onshore 5 Year Operation Phase HSEIA

Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations (ADNOC Onshore) is the largest oil producer within the ADNOC Group, operating its facilities mainly located onshore and storing/exporting oil from two Terminals. The last all ADNOC Onshore fields' & Terminals 5-year review was approved in May 2017. Following the ADNOC HSEIA standard requirements, the Operations HSEIA is due for 5-year review and submission to ADNOC GHSE for their approval. Therefore, Dome has been contracted by ADNOC Onshore to carry out all Fields Operations HSEIA 5-Year review for all ADNOC Onshore Assets.

Environmental Impact Assessment Services for Dubai Islands Project

Nakheel Properties PJSC (Nakheel) is currently developing Dubai Islands (formerly known as Deira Islands) consisting of a series of five (5) inter-connected islands, namely, Islands A, B, C, D and E (the Project) located in Deira, Dubai.

An EIA study for the Project was already carried out and successfully completed by Dome in 2017. However, currently Nakheel revised Vision Master Plan, developed concept master plan for the individual islands and marine scope for the whole Project. Dome has been contracted to undertake the Environmental Impact Assessment Study for the stage 1 of the project in accordance with the requirements of Dubai Municipality.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Study for ADNOC Project Wave Project

ADNOC Onshore is implementing Project Wave (the Project), which aims to utilize treated seawater as an alternative for the injection requirements on all ADNOC Onshore fields (BAB, Bu Hasa, NEB and Southeast). This Project Wave represents ADNOC ++ initiatives for ensuring an additional and more sustainable source of water for injection in ADNOC Onshore fields.

The proposed Project Wave will include Component-1: construction of a Seawater Treatment Plant (SWTP) at two locations (Mirfa and Nouf) and Component-2: build a network of pipelines to transport treated, filtered, low- Sulphate seawater to all Onshore Fields (nine separate battery limits).

Dome has been commissioned to undertake the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study for the Project in accordance with the requirements of Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi (EAD) and ADNOC.

Safety Studies for LPIC-EPC4 NGL Pipeline and OGC 32” Gas Loopline-OGC/ORPIC, Oman

  • Quantitative Risk Assessment Study
  • Fire Gas Dispersion and Explosion Risk Analysis
  • Emergency Response Plan

HSE Studies for Siba Field Development Project, Iraq

A consortium led by Kuwait Energy Iraq Limited (KEIL) has been awarded by the Iraq Ministry of Oil with the Exploration, Development and Production Services Contract (EDPSC) of the Siba contract area in Basra area in the south of Iraq. KEIL is also the operator of Iraq’s Block 9 and is a major partner in the development of Mansuriya gas field.

The Siba Contract Area is a gas filed situated in the southern end of Iraq, within the Governorate of Basra. It will be developed to reach a contractual dry gas production rate of 100 MMSCFD, 1,200 bpd of LPG and 19,000 bpd of condensate. The Contract Area lies directly adjacent to the Iraq-Iran border along the Shatt Al Arab River.

Dome International LLC (Dome) has been commissioned by KEIL to undertake the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study and safety studies for the Production Facilities as part of the Siba Field development Project.