Disclaimer and Scam Notice

SCAM Alert

Attention: Unauthorized Use of Dome Group Companies’ Name

It has come to our attention that unauthorized individuals or organizations are falsely using the Dome Group Companies’ names in attempts to fraudulently secure unlawful gains. Please be vigilant and aware of the following typical scams:

Recruitment Scam: Fraudsters falsely offer employment opportunities on behalf of Dome. Candidates may be contacted by someone claiming to represent Dome's agent and are often interviewed over the phone or via Skype. They may be directed to Dome’s website for further information. Fake employment offers, bearing Dome’s name and logo, solicit the transfer of money for work permits, visa administration, agency fees, accommodation deposits, medical check-ups, etc. Additionally, fraudsters may request personal information such as bank account details for salary payments. Please note that any fees paid go directly to the fraudsters, who cease communication once the funds are transferred.

Advance Fee Scam: This scam involves persuading individuals to advance sums of money in the hope of receiving a larger gain, which never materializes. The fraudster often promises reimbursement of the upfront fee in the future. Examples include receiving business proposals or transactions using Dome's name, promises of product/services delivery, participation in special deals, or solicitation of contract bids on fictitious projects.

How to Detect Scams:

How to Contact Us: If you encounter suspicious activity, consider reporting it to your local law enforcement. You may also contact Dome regarding any suspected scams using the following channels:

Phone: +971 4 3366144
Email: [email protected]



 Dome shall not be responsible for the content of any unauthorized information, nor shall it be liable for any loss or damage suffered by any party arising from reliance on information from unauthorized portals, websites, or email domains.


Stay alert and protect yourself from scams.